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Association Law Firm Philosophy


Meet Principal Attorneys Michael A. Ungerbuehler & Paul E. DeHart III

Also, meet the supporting team of attorneys at the Firm who are all equally committed to the Firm's philosophy that Community Matters.

The Association Law Firm is built around the core philosophy that Community Matters. This philosophy serves as the heart of our mission to be a compassionate advocate for communities. Every team member at our Firm has compassion for the individuals we work and deal with on a daily basis, including owners, board members, and managers. Our Team also recognizes that we are the ultimate advocate for our communities. It is our job to act in support of the association and to provide professional, prompt, and affordable legal assistance. Ultimately, we strive to deliver a product that promotes a strong and healthy community.

In order to deliver this product, we believe we must invest heavily in several key areas: Firm Happiness, Firm Infrastructure, and Firm Strategy. At our Firm, creating happiness involves providing employees with personal and professional development, continuing education, teamwork opportunities, recognition, encouragement and a healthy and fun work environment. We also recognize the importance of a solid infrastructure and have invested in superior workstations, a professional office environment, and our proprietary Clear Matters legal practice software. Finally, part of our strategy is to make sure that we maintain the Quality Ratio-the right ratio of employees to clients necessary to provide quality legal product.

The Association Law Firm wants to resolve community issues as quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively as possible. Our Firm puts service and community relationships ahead of billings. Simply put, the Association Law Firm is a legal practice for associations where Community Matters.